Talia Keys & The Love and Big Blue Ox

Saturday, February 29, 2020
Doors 8 | Show 9
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Feb 29th isn’t a day that happens all the time. It certainly doesn’t always have two of the top local bands putting on a dance party. Talia Keys and The Love and Big Blue Ox will be making leap day 2020 very special! Prepare yourself for funky drumbeats, wailing guitars, soaring vocals, groovy bass lines and nasty horns! Come shake off those winter blues!

Talia Keys & The Love

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Talia Keys & The Love is a foot-stomping, jaw-dropping soul-funk-rock n’ roll band born after the charismatic front-woman, Talia Keys.

Her killer line-up is a host of powerhouse musicians based out of Utah with songwriter Talia Keys on lead guitar and vocals, the impeccable jam band veteran Dave Brogan (ALO) on drums, Ryan Conger (Joe McQueen Quartet) rippin the keys, Josh Olsen tearin up the bass, and the incomparable Lisa Giacoletto adding soaring backing vocals.

Having just dropped their first album last year (We’re Here, 4/20/2018), TK and The Love is here and ready to lift your spirits, elevate your hearts and minds, and above all, get you dancing.

Big Blue Ox

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Big Blue Ox is an explosive funk juggernaut from Salt Lake City, Utah. Throwing down headbanging grooves and blistering horn lines, this band is sure to elevate the mind and get you moving. Big Blue Ox recently released their new album, Thank You, Come Again" in August 2019.

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