Portland Cello Project

Thursday, April 18, 2019
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After a year of performing Radiohead’s OK Computer in its entirety with a large orchestral ensemble in symphony halls and grand theaters all over the country, Portland Cello Project goes back to its roots this April, warming up a uniquely intimate show in clubs and small venues. 

The program is a diverse mixture of music they’re calling Radiohead, Coltrane and Bach, for which the usually-sheet-music-reading, classically trained cellists spent a few months memorizing their set and adopting some of the improvisational skills of non-cellist collaborators who have become a mainstay of the group. Joining forces with vocalist Patti King (The Shins), drummer Tyrone Hendrix (Prince, Stevie Wonder), and trumpeter Farnell Newton (Bootsie Collins, Jill Scott), expect a program of the unexpected, as unpredictable as the Oregon weather in the springtime, performed with a new sound and soul. 

“A core philosophy of the group has been to break down traditional barriers that you tend to find between classical musicians and their audience,” says Cello Project Artistic Director, Douglas Jenkins. “This next evolution of the group – to remove the sheet music from the stage, even for classical pieces like the Elgar Cello Concerto – has proven to not only remove the music stand as a visual barrier between the performers and the audience, but also to build a new connection between the performers. We now know this repertoire so intimately, our eyes are free to look at each other and feel more connected musically than we ever have before.”

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