Madam Bandit + Mindy Gledhill — RESCHEDULED

Saturday, April 9, 2022
Doors 8 | Show 9
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Mindy Gledhill

Over the course of her career, Mindy has recorded successful independently released albums with a cadre of award-winning producers, including six albums over the past decade (Feather in the Wind, Anchor, Pocketful of Poetry, Winter Moon, and Rabbit Hole).

In addition to her own releases, Mindy has also performed on multiple acclaimed projects, including Kaskade’s 2011 Grammy-nominated album, Fire & Ice. Her popularity has led to sold out shows across the US & Asia, as well as performances with remarkable musical groups ranging from orchestras and rock bands to bluegrass revivalists.

Her last album, Rabbit Hole, is the breathy confessional of a rapt soul who slipped down the curious tunnel of experience, landed in a hall of locked doors, and refused to be contained. In Rabbit Hole, Mindy confronts the challenges of life—all its unfulfilled expectations, sudden detours, and existential wounds—and presents us with a silver lining through bouncy rhythms and ballads of unabashed optimism. In spite of life’s crucibles and crises, she reassures us that everything is going to be alright, and that “To be upside down is a fine way to be."

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Madam Bandit

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Growing up among the coastal redwoods of Northern California, Madam Bandit was the 8th of 9 children. Music was a big part of everyday life for her family, devout members of an early American Christian sect. As a teen bride, she was encouraged to make motherhood her first priority, though she felt a certain dissonance between that teaching and her inner desire to become a singer songwriter. Determined to carry out her religious duties and also her dreams, she set out to make both happen.

Madam Bandit's music sees her coming out of a period of faith deconstruction and into the creation of an electro pop alter ego. Her forthcoming EP entitled 'Punch You In the Face' freely explores themes of sexual liberation and feminism.