Heavy Music + Heavier Beer

featuring Wey, Thunder Fist, Mananero
Friday, November 1, 2019
Door 7 | Show 8
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Celebrate DIA DE LOS MUERTOS and the first official day of stronger beer in Utah on Friday, November 1 2019 at The State Room in downtown Salt Lake City.

On this one-of-a-kind evening the “spirits” will come visit — figuratively and literally. Not only is the DAY OF THE DEAD traditionally a time to gather and celebrate friends and family who have crossed over to the great beyond, but this year will end the 86 year-old Utah 3.2 draft beer law dating back to Prohibition. In celebration of both events, Bohemian Brewery and The State Room present an evening of “Heavy Music. Heavier Beer” with 3 of Salt Lake City's Heaviest Musical Ensembles: WEY, THUNDERFIST and MAÑANERO.

In addition to the musical performances, we will be offering one of the many fine “strong” drafts that Bohemian Brewery offers. For those with a ravenous appetite, indulge in the delicacies from TACOS LA FOGATA...makers of the most authentic “Mexicano” street food in Salt Lake.


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Punk Rock Boogie for all your soulful needs. From a life-hardened group of calloused musicians exiled on State Street, WEY was formed in 2015. A harmony of spheres executed by WEY guitarists, Michael Sasich and Brian Kubarycz, create a cracked aethereal, electrifying sound, juxtaposed against angelic/devilish vocal harmonies delivered by Anna Kennedy and Spock Maninoff. Rocketed by a puissant cadence delivered by Trevor Goss, frequencies of love, pain, struggle and redemption embrace to produce the WEY sound that is beauty and beast to behold. Come dance to the sound that will take you to an elevated intermountain desert born next to a dead inland sea.


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Salt Lake City Weekly Best Live Act 2016, Thunderfist was born into a Hell Fire of whiskey and bad bars way back in 1998. Having played thousands of shows to thousands of dudes, they have found their Rock and Roll wheels burning off here in the year of our Lord 2019. The Rawk maelstrom has banged around with the likes of Nashville Pussy, Danko Jones, OFF!, X, Supersuckers, and Zeke since they came around and are not looking to stop anytime soon. Their new single ‘Suck It’ has taken them into deep political territory, even drawing the ire of Mitch McConnell who called the song “an affront to decent, Christian American values..” which the band is very proud of. Bring down your Rock boots and prepare to be floored amigos. Rock and Roll ain’t dead, it’s just really old and cranky..


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Mañanero is an assembled cast of talented adjectives. Each member brings their own adaptability, expression, and contradiction. Chopper, the leader and songwriter for the group has a way with strings and melancholy words. (Think Lee Hazelwood and Glenn Danzig.) He keeps it slow, simple and dark. The drummer, Kellie Payne and the bassist, Koty López as rhythm section work their grooves up through the songs like a couple of poisonous snakes. You have been bitten as you quite willfully stumble into the mess of vipers. Saxophone and atmosphere are layered on by Dave Payne. Think of Mañanero like a road trip... Beautiful vistas, new exciting experiences, but there’s dark clouds on the horizon. No strangers to performing in cities around the West, this year they were invited to play the Capital Hill Block Party in Seattle to rave reviews. They also play quite regularly in and around their hometown of Salt Lake City. Mañanero’s live shows are strong and beautiful. There’s a remarkable interplay between the musicians and their instruments. Attention should be called back to their melancholy. You can feel the pain, and emotions that are stamped into the songs. The music speaks for itself, in accents aware of the present but informed by the past. It warmly and with conviction embraces the future. Mañanero should be a lesson to those who are equally nostalgic and still dreamers.