An Evening with Two Sets
Thursday, March 31, 2022
Doors 7 | Show 8
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As the band did on the first leg of the special performances, Baroness is giving fans the
power to create their setlist. “Your Baroness – An Intimate Evening with Baroness”
ticket purchasers will be provided with a link to cast their vote for the ten songs they
want to hear at the show. Baroness’s entire catalog will be fair game with no song off-limits. Voting will close one week prior to each performance.

After being forced to miss a handful of shows on the initial leg of the tour, Baroness has
rescheduled as many of those shows as possible: Salt Lake City, Denver, Lawrence
and St. Louis. The band will use the fan-voted setlist from the postponed November
dates for the first set of the evening, and give new ticket purchasers the opportunity to
select the slate of songs played during the second performance of the evening.

“I cannot remember any moment in the history of this band where we’ve been more
excited to tour than we are today,” said Baroness vocalist/guitarist John Baizley upon
the launch of the tour. “In many ways, this upcoming tour feels similar to the very first
Baroness tour in 2003: we don’t know what to expect, we’re through sitting on the
sidelines, and we can’t wait to climb onstage. During the past two years we’ve tried to
keep ourselves as busy as possible: writing, recording and rehearsing insofar as the
pandemic would allow. Throughout that time, one fact has become increasingly clear…
We are built as a live/touring band. The most powerful and important aspects of music
reveal themselves only through shared experience. Baroness’ music is designed to be
shared; our audience has always been the final and most important member of the
band. Quite simply, it doesn’t feel right without YOU! We’ve started counting down the
hours in anticipation of that first blissful moment when the lights dim and the room falls
silent, when we can once again commune with our audience. We’ve missed you all
dearly and we’re really excited to see the setlists you all design for us. There’s never
been a better time to put the trust and control of our music in your capable hands.
Electric or acoustic, sung or screamed, from the EPs to the LPs: we’re busy preparing
for everything from those 6 or 7 hours of recorded music. Furthermore, we thought the
pandemic had stolen from us the opportunity to play Gold & Grey in front of American
audiences and we look forward to playing those songs for you as well. Finally, we’re
really thrilled to have the opportunity to play up close and personal in some venues we
haven’t typically played in recent years. It feels so good to share all of this news with
you, we’ve missed this more than we can possibly explain. We hope to see you all

In addition to picking the band’s setlist, every attendee will also receive a free, limited-
edition Your Baroness tour poster print, to be picked up at the merch booth the night of
the show.

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