The Discover Sound Club

The State Room Presents: The Discover Sound Club 2023discoversound.jpg

THE DEAL: We’re expanding the horizons of the ultimate music lover by providing the opportunity to experience more shows! Fun, right? 

THE COST: $150 for the calendar year / limited memberships. (Don't worry, we did the math for you — it's just over $12 a month.) 

THE PERKS: We want you to experience even more with us. We’re offering all DSC members a priority email address for direct communication, free ticket exchanges on all 2023 State Room and Commonwealth Room shows, complimentary coat check, an annual members’ event, plus a rotating selection of free concerts, member-priced tickets, and more!

THE GIVE BACK: A portion of proceeds from EVERY sale will be donated to the National Independent Venue Foundation (NIVF).  The foundation's mission is to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent live performance venues and promoters throughout the U.S. by supporting a transparent, competitive marketplace serving a diverse and inclusive community of artists, fans, and industry workers.

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