Mutiny Music Collective Presents Shiverz

with Mile32, Chris Tha Crook
Friday, March 31, 2023
Doors 9:30 | Show 9:45
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The producer and DJ who was once fortunate enough to have his finger on the pulse on the birth of the dubstep/riddim genre from its earliest stages appropriately enough became responsible for the invention of a highly unique DJing style within the genre itself called “chopping;” a style that couples perfectly with his high octane stage presence, resulting in an adrenaline fueled remix or mashup of sorts between two tracks - a technique that many dubstep DJs have since adopted for use during their own live sets. A style that has since earned him the fitting nickname of Shiverz “Da Butcher.”

Aside from his title as the forefather of “chopping,” Shiverz is the founder of the MONSTERS dubstep collective. Following the inception of this collective, Shiverz has since hosted a number of sold out MONSTERS club nights in well known venues throughout the UK, Germany and Belgium & North America securing and solidifying his global reputation as one of the best DJs in the dubstep genre for both his electric stage presence and trailblazing DJing techniques.

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