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Vera Sola
Saturday, June 1, 2019
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Hello friends, Davie and Kev here.

We wanted to write you a note to tell you about what we’ve been up to over the year or so - we’ve been working on a new album, written mainly in an old church in North London and recorded in the wonderful city of Seattle; it’s called 'So that you might hear me'and it comes out on April 26th.

We’re also going on tour again from April, in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA, something we’ve been missing terribly - we can’t wait to get out on the road and play music again!

If you want to pre-order the album now on CD or 12” vinyl you can do so from us on - we’ll sign it and you’ll also get access to the pre-sale for our upcoming tour dates - these will go on sale on Wednesday, February 6th at 10am, 2 days before they go on general sale.

We’ve also created an individual piece of artwork for every track on the record, each vinyl pre-ordered via the store will come with one of these special mystery 12” bonus prints.

This album means a lot to us personally, we are super proud of it and SO excited for you to hear it, so much so that we’re sharing two tracks from the album NOW - they’re called 'Fuel on the Fire'and ‘Blankets of Sorrow’ and you can listen to them here.

We’ve launched a new facebook group if you want to share your thoughts about the songs, tour, or anything else - we’ll be on there too from time to time to say hi, we want to hear from you, we wanna see you all at shows - it’s all just been too long!

We couldn’t do what we do without you all, thanks so much for your ongoing love and support, hope you like the new songs and see you at a show soon!

Love, The Den xxx

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Vera Sola

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The poet, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Vera Sola is hard to pin down. Attempts to define her music have had her cast as the ‘lost love child of Leonard Cohen and Nancy Sinatra,’ ‘Nick Cave in the role of Staggolee,’ ‘a mordant Patsy Cline,’ ‘PJ Harvey at her most irate, teeth-bared.’

But its near impossible to find a truly fitting comparison. Described as ‘a living anachronism’, Vera Sola makes timeless, time-bending sound. In the words of the London Sunday Times, she’s a creature all her own, ‘an utterly singular talent’.

All of this was a long time coming. Despite a background in poetry, a successful career as a stage and voice actor, years of touring in Elvis Perkins’ band, and a collection of hundreds of secret songs, it wasn’t until early 2017 that she began experimenting with the idea of recording her own material.

Only then, when a series of life-altering events reframed her relationship to her music, did she book time at a studio in St. Louis and lock herself inside.

From there came her debut album ‘Shades’—written, performed, and produced entirely alone. Instruments she’d never before touched, hand-made percussion, chains and breaking glass, were arranged meticulously around multi-part harmonies, and brought to the fore a newly discovered vocal skill— her otherworldly vibrato.

The result is a record both complex and sparse, lyrics full of sorrow yet arch and wry. Sincere but sardonic, self-aware and scathing. Poems and stories set to music. Songs of the present that conjure the past.