with Funk & Gonzo
Thursday, March 23, 2023
Doors 7 | Show 8
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In the beginning there was Thump… The primordial groove of the Universe. Thump thumped its way through all things. In the beginning groove was harmony, and harmony was groove, and it was good.

Long before the age of humans, the Thumpasaurus roamed the Earth, serving the cosmos as the teachers of the Thump. The thump traversed all beings, and the Thumpasarus helped distribute its secret wisdom to all sentient and non sentient creatures. It was good. As time passed and the Earth fluctuated between periods of great peace and great unrest, the Thumpasaurus became a threat to growing forces of evil- who fueled by a primary motivation in consumerism sought to eliminate the Thumpasaurus. To save the species and protect the goodness of the Universe, The Thumpasaurus fled the earth to the outer reaches of space time - though the Thumpasaurus swore to return to the Earth as harbingers of the age of reawakening. In their last gift to the consciousness of the cosmic manifestation of the Earth and its beings, the Thumpasaurus wrote down the secrets of the Thump in a manuscript of real troof and buried it in a sacredly SECRET location (the appalachian mountains) in hopes that the Thump would survive and benefit future generations with happiness, love and thump. As buildings turned to sand, and memories to dust, so too did the ancient memory of the Thumpasaurus and with them disappeared the philosophy of Thump.

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Funk & Gonzo

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Funk & Gonzo is a group of five musicians from Salt Lake City, UT. Their style is ultimately considered “Rap/Rock”, but They're also heavily influenced by Jazz, Reggae, Blues and many other Styles of Music. The Message, Energy and Mix of Musical Style is what sets Funk & Gonzo apart from any other band with lyrics that promote Positive Energy, being one with everything including Yourself, your Community, the Environment and the Universe.